Celebrating Learning

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Term 5 Celebrating Classroom Learning

Term 5 Year 1 Learning

Year 1 pupils have been working really hard this week! They have begun a new DT topic all about kites. This week, they explored the different parts of a kite and their functions. They also worked together in PSHE to explore things that are helpful, harmful or a bit of both to our bodies.

Term 5 Year 2 Learning

Year 2 pupils have been busy learning a new model text based on the book George's Marvelous Medicine'. The children have been working incredibly hard to demarcate their sentences with capital letters and punctuation. They have wrote some incredible character descriptions of George which are now proudly on display around the school.

The children have been extending their knowledge of place value in Math's and working hard to solve tricky word problems.

We have had a lot of fun in Science learning about germination and the children have loved watching the process of seeds germinating.

Year 2 Otters have really enjoyed their work on play scripts in English this week, acting out and writing up some superb invented scripts based on the characters from our text for the term 'The Royal Rabbits of London'. The children have also been learning how to add and subtract fractions in Maths and had some excellent discussions about keeping safe in PSHCE.

Term 5 Year 4 Learning

Year 4 pupils have enjoyed Tennis and Team OAA as part of their PE lessons, learning how to work as part of a successful team.

They have also enjoyed learning about Earthquakes as part of Geography, creating their own safety posters with top tips for what to do during an earthquake.

Term 5 Year 5 Learning

This week Year 5 pupils put on their engineering hats as they planned, designed and built marble runs. The children had to use different materials and joining methods to ensure their ramps were secure and allowed the marbles to roll smoothly.

We were incredibly impressed with everyone's designs!

Term 5 Year 6 Learning

Our Year 6 children have had a great start to Term 5!

In D&T they have been learning how to sew and we've been incredibly impressed with some of their creations!

Science this term is Chemistry and the year group loved being able to perform experiments to see if reactions were exothermic or endothermic (the particularly liked donning the gloves and goggles)!

In Maths they are learning about volume and enjoyed the practical aspect of the lesson, where they used cm cubes to explore the concept.