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At Folkestone Primary we care passionately about the food we offer at our school. Children are encouraged to eat the healthy balanced meal prepared in school so that they are best able to learn well, and have energy for play times.  A menu is available so parents can see the range of food on offer. Specific dietary needs, for example vegetarianism or halal meat, are catered for.

Breakfast Club: Daily 08.00-08.30

All children are welcome to have a free breakfast at school* See our breakfast club page for more details.


The cost of a hot meal with dessert is £2.50 per day or £12.50 per week.

Children in the Early Years and KS1, and those eligible for Free School Meals do not need to pay for their lunch.

All others can pay for their school meals with MyChildAtSchool:

The government hopes that the provision of free school meals for all children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 will not only contribute towards children’s health, but also increase attainment.

Folkestone Primary supports and encourages healthy eating amongst our children. If you do not wish to take-up the school’s delicious and healthy meals and prefer to bring a packed lunch for your child, we advise the following:

Take a look at our current School Menu by using the download button below.

Independent Catering

Independent Catering provides school meals for Turner Schools. They are a small company focused on providing freshly prepared healthy meals that will help your children reach their five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. They are committed to using honest, locally produced meat that can be traced back to the farm and meets or exceeds UK animal welfare standards. Many of the vegetables used are also sourced locally which altogether helps us reduce our carbon footprint.

As a Trust we have worked very closely with Independent Catering to tailor the menus to meet our school’s individual needs and at the same time, ensuring that less sugar, fat and salt are used. The menus will change with the seasons and there will be a variety of hot, cold and vegetarian options on offer.

Visit their website: