Primary Curriculum

'The feeling that they care about my child and her development. They also make me feel valued as a parent.'

'There is a personal approach and very much a community feel to the school.'

Curriculum Statement: Our Intent:

At Folkestone Primary, we believe our purpose is to offer a wide and varied knowledge based curriculum, which challenges, inspires and stimulates children to become curious, autonomous learners. Our curriculum focuses on the importance of knowledge, designed in progressive steps to ensure that children receive a well-rounded understanding of each subject. We offer a broad and balanced approach that values the importance of reading, writing and Mathematics, but also allows children to gain a strong foundation in History, Geography, RE and Science.

We believe in giving every pupil experience of learning beyond the classroom that enriches their understanding of the society in which they live. We aim to excite and engage our children through a wide range of resources, giving them a number of different learning experiences both within the classroom and through trips and extra-curricular activities. We try to link these to the local area, embracing local History, Geography and culture to give children experiences that enrich their learning and make it relevant to their context.

Children come to our school to experience being successful learners and through our curriculum provision, we commit to:

  1. Promoting and sustaining a desire for knowledge and a love of learning

  2. Ensuring each child is secure in reading and writing, equipped with the skills they need for the next phase of their education

  3. Promoting the importance of problem solving and reasoning skills, underpinned by a secure foundation of basic number concepts

  4. Promoting inclusion, diversity, tolerance and community

  5. Engaging children in new technology and ensuring a secure base of computing skills

  6. Promoting cultural capital to ensure children are exposed to the very best of what has been thought and said

  7. Developing emotional intelligence and resilience, developing children as autonomous learners

  8. Having high expectations for all, raising aspirations and ensuring each child realises their full potential