At Folkestone Primary, the principal aim of our French curriculum is to foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world, leading them to value the importance of learning about other cultures and their languages. We endeavour to broaden pupils’ horizons and build their cultural capital through using the study of the French language as an opening to learning about aspects of French culture. Through the study of the French language, we seek to inspire pupils with the range of opportunities that learning languages presents in the world of work. 



Children can recognise how each topic links and use prior knowledge to extend sentences in spoken and written language. They are able to pick out patterns within French words and compare with that of their native language, whilst recognising the importance of the role of speaking, listening, reading and writing within languages. Teachers are able to assess pupils’ understanding through written tasks, reading tasks, as well as through games and songs. The skills and knowledge gained will enable pupils to access the Key Stage 3 French curriculum.