Forest School

Ofsted said, 'Pupils speak passionately about the wide range of clubs, trips, opportunities, and events at school.'

Message from Miss Stebbings, Forest Leader:

"I'm very excited to share this journey with the children and staff.  There's going to be fun, learning and a lot of mud.  We will be exploring through nature and developing an understanding of the world around us.  We have a safe environment in which the children can be free to follow their interests and extend their own learning.  For a lot of the children in Folkestone Primary, digging, den building and bug hunting is going to be a huge hit.  Within our Forest School, we will learn about and explore creatures around us and create safe homes for the wildlife."


Children will be learning through hands-on experiences within a safe environment, which will help to expand their ability to solve real world issues, building self belief and resilience through teaching children a holistic approach in that there are risks in everything we do and we grow by overcoming them.  Forest Schools encourage children to be physically active. The variety of sessions and activities that are offered provide a host of learning experiences for the child.  As well as the physical and educational benefits of attending a Forest School, the social and emotional development of the child are at the forefront of Forest School learning. 

What will be included in our Forest School?

So far we have our amazing teepee which inside will have the firepit and base camp.  There is also a designated area for woodwork in which the children will have the opportunity to use tools and natural resources.  We have a mud kitchen and a digging area for the children to explore. On the far end of our area, down by the willow tree, there will be hammocks and books creating a peaceful zone.  There will be a footpath maze in the long grass, allowing an area of the overgrowth to stay natural.  Within our 3 year plan, there are plans to have a small pond, planting, bug hotels and most importantly a section for the children's interests.

Who will be using the Forest School?

Children across Folkestone Primary will be taking part in our Forest School sessions from Kindergarten - Year 6.  We hope to involve parent volunteers in the near future.

What is the benefit of having a Forest School?

The aim of Forest School is to give all children the best opportunity to explore with a child centred approach learning through play, exploration and learning to take safe risks.  During Forest school sessions, we will be building on self esteem, resilience, communication, problem solving and having an understanding of the world around us. 

Forest Schools focus on the social, emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual development of their learners. The nurturing environment encourages children to develop a positive relationship with the outdoor, natural world.  The ethos of a Forest School is based on a fundamental respect for children and the encouragement of their curiosity in the world.  The Forest School Curriculum is inclusive for all children.