As a school we follow the National Curriculum to teach PE, implemented in a variety of different ways. We employ specialist sports coaches from Active Community Sports who teach high-quality physical education for 20 hours each week. This includes PE lessons, after school clubs and playtime activities such as facilitating football, aimed to inspire children to excel in competitive sport. Each year group will have a new focus sport each term. Initially, pupils learn the key skills of this sport and then gradually apply these skills in different scenarios including partner work, mini games and focus games. By the end of term, the children should be able to apply these skills within a match, game, performance or routine scenario.

Class teachers also have a designated sport space assigned to them for a “free” PE session each week. This gives the opportunity for children to engage in further physical exercise or activity, developing skills further from their termly focus sport or other games. Lower down the school, our school places greater emphasis on multi-skills to ensure the children master basic movements so they can develop on to participating in team games with greater success. As the children move up through the school, they will build upon the skills that they have learnt from multi-skills and will apply these to mini-games that are based on a specific sport. This leads on to playing sports in their natural form, and sports are carefully selected to become more complex as they progress.

In addition to this, conversations regularly take place across the school that highlight the importance of fitness to encourage positive physical and mental health through PE, PSHE lessons and assemblies. The Spirit of the Games values are also promoted within the school to encourage determination, team work, self-belief, honesty, passion and respect. Children are recognised for exhibiting these values across the school. Ultimately, the PE curriculum within Folkestone Primary aims to create an environment that promotes pupils to be active and healthy for life.