Art & Design Technology

Art and Design Technology


Within art and design technology, pupils will experience a variety of artistic techniques and processes and have the opportunity to make creative choices. We strive to provide an exciting and ambitious curriculum which reflects the needs of all our pupils; unlocking their creative potential.

We are committed to our pupils' learning and wellbeing, offering a subject that teaches core recording skills in a variety of materials, techniques and processes. We aim to engage all pupils through careful sequencing of lesson content and delivery, fostering a lifelong love of the arts.

All lessons follow the aims of the National Curriculum to develop the fundamental knowledge and skills pupils need to be successful in this subject, allowing them to be experimental and imaginative with a range of materials, techniques and processes. Additionally, bespoke topics within the curriculum link directly to our local area and align with subjects being taught across wider curriculum subjects.



High expectations are encouraged through pupils recording their learning in individual, high quality sketchbooks, demonstrating their progress over time. Each project culminates in a final outcome, which is presented and celebrated within the classroom, school environment and beyond, demonstrating that their art work is highly valued. Pupils are able to review their recorded learning and how their knowledge and skills build incrementally during weekly lessons and/or drop down days. Pupils’ enjoyment of learning is evident through their engagement in lessons and in their learning outcomes. Leaders review the impact of the curriculum formally through quality assurance activities, both within the school, Trust and externally.