Trust Level Governance

Folkestone Primary School is part of the Turner Schools Multi Academy Trust.

Our Governance Structure ensures there are clear reporting lines and explicit requirements to ensure probity, good governance and outstanding performance.

Members are responsible for determining the governance of the Trust. They approve our Articles of Association and appoint Trustees in accordance with the Articles. 

The Board of trustees have collective accountability and responsibility for the academy trust and assuring itself that there is compliance with regulatory, contractual, and statutory requirements. The academy trust board provides: 

• Strategic leadership of the academy trust: the board defines the trust vision for high quality and inclusive education in line with its charitable objects. It establishes and fosters the trust’s culture and sets and champions the trust strategy including determining what governance functions are delegated to the local tier 

• Accountability and assurance: the board has robust effective oversight of the operations and performance of the academy trust, including the provision of education, pupil welfare, overseeing and ensuring appropriate use of funding and effective financial performance and keeping their estate safe and well maintained

• Engagement: the board has strategic oversight of relationships with stakeholders. The board involves parents, schools and communities so that decision-making is supported by meaningful engagement.

All Members, Trustees and Governors complete an annual declaration of Business Interests and declare any interests in meetings.

The Board delegates responsibilities to the school Challenge & Community Board as set out in the Scheme of Delegation.  

View our Articles and Memorandum of Association

School Level Governance:

Governors serve as a key link between the schools, parents/carers and the local community. They monitor the performance of the school, advising the Trustees of any concerns.

We have a committed team of Governors on the school Challenge & Community Board who are actively involved in the life of the school. They reflect the community we serve and include parent representatives.

The Governors are passionate about our School and are here to make sure that every pupil is given the best education, opportunities and experiences possible. They play an important role in overseeing the work of the school, acting as “critical friends” for the Senior Leadership Team and holding the school to account for performance and development.

Challenge and Community Board (CCB)

Chair: Donna Stacey

Vice Chair: Joanna Dalzell

To contact the Chair, please email

CCB Safeguarding Lead: Daniel Freear

CCB SEND Lead: Vacant

Lead Safeguarding Trustee: Dean Jones 

Joanna Dalzell - co-opted governor

Joanna an experienced leader and manager of Inclusion Service teams and qualified teacher.  She is passionate about working in collaboration with other professionals to co-ordinate services and ensure the needs of children, young people and their families are met and engaging pupils in learning that is appropriate to their individual needs.

Joanna volunteered to be a governor to use her skills to benefit the community she lives in.

Louise Feaver - ex-officio governor

Louise is Principal of Folkestone Primary and governor by virtue of this position.

Philip Foxwood - co-opted governor

Phil is the Strategy and Policy Lead for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. He has worked in a wide variety of settings from large public bodies and within central Government to setting up and running a small business. He brings a wide range of skills and and varied perspectives. 

Daniel Freear - parent governor

Daniel is a teacher and parent of four children at the school. He is keen to use his knowledge of teaching, curriculum planning and safeguarding to support the school to deliver the very best education to all pupils.
He is delighted to represent the parents across the key stages of Folkestone Primary and act as critical friend to school leaders. 

Tim Godden - co-opted governor

Tim is a Senior Manager in a global organization working in high level assurance and governance.  Furthermore he is an experienced school governor and brings a passion for driving positive change. He has strong analytical skills and is keen to make a positive contribution to school governance and education. 

Steven Shaw - co-opted governor

Steven is Head of School at Folkestone Academy and brings education knowledge and expertise. 

Donna Stacey - co-opted governor

Donna brings expertise in chairing a local governing board at a Primary School. She is an experienced manager with a passion for ensuring pupils receive the best education to prepare them for their next steps.

Governors who have left in the past 12 months

Simon Reynolds - parent governor

Arti Shah - co-opted governor and Chair

Andrew Franks - co-opted governor